Introspective, 2014.
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Les Graphiquants 2013 Patterns
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TANNSUPERFUZZ said: daaang,those are great records

i gotta say, i got pretty lucky this year. hope you did too if you were able to make it out!!


Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed
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Zavrazhye, Russia

On this day in 1932, the world was given one of its most gifted visionaries, the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky whose recurring themes of dream, memory, childhood, running water accompanied by fire, indoors rain and hazy reflections help us see the world from an indelible new strange and soft angle. His films give breath to dreams of unmistakable beauty. 

Tarkovsky loved the Polaroid camera and always carried one with him. These are a selection of his photos.

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Trippy, Dax Norman

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